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Contributing our expertises to the industry and delivering crucial responsibilities, Convergis Corp is being more productive to clients by:

distinguishing their satisfaction(Statistically segment the client's interests and his vision.),
stimulating their needs(Boil down the client's interests and create the urge of necessity), and
augment our services (Deliver the responsibilities to the point of perfection).

At Convergis Corp we pride ourselves on providing a varied, informative and most importantly intuitive range of courses and workshops for our users and our facilities include two training suites with state of the art hardware.

Consulting services, from Convergis Corp, focus on defining, optimizing, and aligning our customer's business and IT strategies as per the changing dynamics of the environment.

  • Deployment of highly skilled personnel.
  • Customer contact information systems.
  • Fast response time to your needs and requests.
  • and many more....

All companies are unique. Even two companies in exactly the same business still do things differently and it is often the way that they do it that creates competitive advantage.



Quest Software, a MySQL Strategic Partner, provides innovative solutions with product depth,...

Java Technology
is a portfolio of products that are based on the power of networks and the idea that the same software should run on many different kinds of systems and devices.